Kristian Felix Jensen and Pål Anders Ullevålseter are in Morocco and the Africa Race for the second year in a row together. Pål Anders has acted as a mentor for the youngster from Ås for a few years, and it looks promising in this year’s Africa Race. Pål Anders Ullevålseter has retired, and therefore considers himself retired. For him, this is the only race of the year he runs. The purpose of this annual race is to collect money for a primary school in Dakar and support Kristian Felix until the finish line. However, this does not prevent the Oslo boy from giving his all, the competitive instinct is still alive and well.

Two days have been covered in the race, 12 days remain before they arrive in Dakar. They are currently in Morocco, where Pål Anders is in second place in the summary, 04:29 behind Italian Botturi. Kristian Felix is ​​in fifth place 01.01:19 behind the leader. This is a strong start for both, it has been difficult navigation and challenging conditions.

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